Diana's Diary: Entry 4



Well, it’s official: I hate my life.

I hate, hate, HATE IT.

Some creep set a loser spy camera inside a locker that caught me stealing the test key and reported it to Vice Principal Lane. Why is the world out to get me?!?! I mean, who does that? It’s sad, actually, that they don’t have anything better to do with their time. Is it even legal? What about my rights? My right to...privacy? I don’t know. One of these days I’m finally going to invest in a good lawyer.

Anyway, Vice Principal Lane actually had the nerve to take me out of the race. That’s right, I’m disqualified. He’s trying to teach me that my actions have consequences and now I WANT TO DROWN IN A POOL OF MY OWN TEARS.

Just kidding, that was so pathetic, forget I said it. I’m better than that, and I will just simply have to find a way to get past this. My parents haven’t taught me much, but one thing they have taught me is to walk with my chin held high and act like my life is great no matter what.

That’s what I was trying to do when I ran into Brayden in the hallway. But of course he managed to kick me when I was down. I don’t think he did it on purpose or anything, but that almost makes it worse. He’s so stupid he doesn’t even know how to hurt people on purpose.

That was mean, let me rephrase:

He thought that when I asked to get back together, I did it only for my public image while running for president. So, once he heard that I was disqualified, he dumped me. He didn’t realize--I don’t think I even realized--that I actually wanted to be with him. I wanted him to want to be my prince, to stick with me through thick and thin, not abandon me as soon as things go south.

I didn’t want him to leave, but I didn’t know how to tell him to stay without coming off as horribly, messily vulnerable. That’s why I like dipping into my fantasy kingdom. It’s not just a place where I have total control, it’s also a place where I can be vulnerable, be my real self and speak my truth without fear of what will happen.

But, I guess I’m going to have to start being vulnerable in real life because Mr. Lane is making me do community service as a punishment for my crimes.

Obviously I’m dreading it, but somewhere in the back of my mind I secretly wonder if it might be good for me. You never know, do you? Stay tuned, Diary, I’ll be back.