Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 10/15


Welcome to my weekly horoscope, thanks for swinging by! I'm Autumn, and I'll be reading the stars for you. Find your sign and see what the stars have in store this week!

Libra: You’ve been moving too fast lately, and this week it’s time to slow it down. Ignore pressure from people to make quick decisions, and don’t be afraid to take your time.

Scorpio: This is the week to get back in touch with all the many complex sides of your personality. Embrace them, they are all important parts of who you are. Take time to step outside and feel the breeze on your skin, you deserve this luxury and so much more!

Sagittarius: People might try to challenge you this week, but it’s time to stand your ground. Trust your instincts and don’t let yourself be forced into a mind change. You don’t have to change peoples’ minds either—let them have your opinions and you can have yours!

Capricorn: An open mind is your best friend this week. It’s time to make a new friend, try a new food, and be willing to look at the world through a new pair of glasses. Something you hated last week may become something you love.

Aquarius: You’ve been planning life to the T, but this week it’s time to take a break. Forget your plans and go with the flow. The universe isn’t going to drop you, so kick back and relax!

Pisces: You have more power than you know, and now is the week to harness it. Use this inner power to do something you’ve always dreamed of but have been too afraid to try. Don’t be afraid of failure, as long as you’ve tried, you have succeeded.

Aeries: You may be holding onto the past, and the past is holding you back. Want to move forward? Embrace the impermanence of everything and a great weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

Taurus: Something is scaring or intimidating you, but the only way to get through it this week is to go through it. Don’t run from your fears. If you confront them head on, you will come out the other end of this week feeling like a queen.

Gemini: You have a tendency to be tough on the outside, but you’re a sweetheart on the inside. This week, let your softer side out to have some fun. Likewise, turn away from anyone who might be coming at you with harsh energies.

Cancer: This week may feel challenging and emotionally taxing, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support from friends and family. Likewise, make sure you’re available for friends and family who may need a shoulder to lean on.

Leo: When life feels crazy this week, slow down and remember who you are. You have been given a body to live in, and this is something to be grateful for. Get grounded this week by playing a sport, going on a hike, or taking the time to dance, anything to help you appreciate what your body is capable of.

Virgo: Heads up, this is a week that might feel difficult to get through. The good news is all you have to do is show up. Get dressed, go to school, and be yourself. This week, that is more than enough!

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!