Brooke Butler: Study Tips With Ellie


It’s already October, and school is under way in Attaway. Let me tell you, high school is not easy. The classes are hard, and they get even harder when you’re trying to balance school and dance team...and popularity. Between social engagements, extracurriculars, and after-school activities, it can be tough to figure out where studying fits in. Well, I’m here to help! Here are my Top 5 study tips for balancing schoolwork and social life.  

Tip #1: Stay Organized

Whether you prefer schedules, calendars, or planners, find a system of organization that will keep you on top of all your deadlines. Right now, I’m loving my color-coded weekly planner where I can write down everything that’s going on. I use blue gel pens for homework, green for tests, pink for dance team, and, of course, red for plans with the Bs. You’ll never miss a due date and the vibrant colors will make crossing off tasks feel spectacular!

Tip #2: Choose Your Personal Study Spot

Find a place you can go that’s all about academics. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom, a nook in the library, or a bustling local coffee shop, treat this place like it’s sacred. Before you start working, fill your study spot with the things you need to stay focused. For me, it’s a glass of water, all my pens and pencils, my planner, and a warm mug of green tea. Also, make sure to put away the things that can be distracting. I always have to put away my phone when it’s buzzing with new messages in my group text!

Tip #3: Find a Study Buddy

Is there someone who keeps you on track, reminds you of your goals, and makes you feel like you can be successful? Find that person in your life and ask them to start studying with you once a week. Your study buddy can give you helpful tips, ask and answer important questions, remind you of upcoming work, and make schoolwork feel like fun. Pro tip: Your study buddy can be someone outside of your usual friend group!

Tip #4: Talk to Your Teachers

When you’re feeling confused, don’t stop trying. Reach out to your teachers and ask those questions that are making your studies feel like a struggle. They may be able to recommend tutors, classmates, books, or online resources that will help you understand the material and ace your next exam. Plus, they’ll know that you’ve made their class a priority, which will help you stand out.

Tip #5: Use Your Resources

Can’t find a study buddy? Don’t have time to talk to your teacher? Lost your planner? If the above strategies aren’t working for you, remember that you have plenty of resources there to help you. The Internet can be a distraction, but it’s also great support tool when it comes to schoolwork. Check out social media hashtags or do Google searches for the topics that are making your brain hurt. You may find YouTube videos, Instagram threads, or web pages that give you a new perspective on your work and help you succeed!

Good luck this year! Remember: even if school is hard for you, you’re still an amazing person. You all get an A from Ellie!