Hey Harmony: Ditched on Halloween


Hey Harmony,

I’m in such a bad mood today. There’s a big halloween party coming up, and my friend Kelly and I made plans to dress up as rabbits. We bought our costumes already and everything. Then, this morning, out of nowhere, she tells me she changed her mind and is going as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn with our other friend Samantha. So, what, I’m supposed to go as a rabbit all by myself? I’ll look stupid. Plus, I feel completely betrayed. What should I do?????


Downright ditched



Ugh, friends! Am I right?!

First of all, I’m sorry your friend abandoned your costume plans. Sometimes our friends can be unreliable. It’s up to us to tell them how we feel, or just accept them the way they are. With that being said, if you don’t like how a friend is treating you, it may be time to moooooove on.

If you tell Kelly how you feel, there’s a chance she’ll realize the error of her ways, apologize profusely, and then get her butt in a bunny suit and hop to it. However, she may have her mind made up about this Poison Ivy thing, in which case you have two options:

  1. Skip the party. Snuggle up with a bowl of candy and a scary movie.

  2. Go to the party as a rabbit! Who even needs Kelly? You’ll look adorable, trust me. And maybe use the night as an opportunity to make some new friends.

Hope I helped, and happy halloween!