What Your Favorite Candy Says About You


Halloween is around the corner, which basically means it’s candy season. Find out what secrets your favorite one reveals about you!

Sour Patch Kids: You can be a bit of a pessimist, but inside you’re a sweetheart through and through.

3 Musketeers: You may not always show it, but friendship means the world to you.

Snickers: You’re a cool kid with a hidden nerdy side. It’s a good thing!

M&Ms: Your friends know you as colorful and outgoing, but sometimes you actually feel really shy.

Candy Corn: You’re a leader, not a follower. So, it’s time to stop following!

Reese’s: You’re often the center of attention, but sometimes wish you weren’t.

Starburst: You live a very organized, controlled lifestyle. Nobody knows the wild, beautiful dreams that live inside your head.

Whoppers: You’re nostalgic, with a taste for vintage fashion.

Red Vines: You’re genuine, authentic, and you choose your words carefully.

Twizzlers: You’re genuine, authentic, and are often the loudest person in the room.

Skittles: You’re perceived to be a party animal, but actually work very hard toward some serious goals.

Twix: At times you have a mean streak, which hides the fact that you’re actually a loving and amazing friend.

Kit Kat: You need (and deserve) a vacation!

Butterfinger: You have a secret athletic side.

Tootsie Pop: Your curiosity will get you far in life.

Jolly Ranchers: Instead of locking down plans, you like to keep your options open.

Taffy: You’re funnier than you think you are.

Swedish Fish: You may think of yourself as boring, but your friends refer to you as ‘the exotic one.’

Milky Way: You may live your life as a nerd, but you have a secret ultra-hip side to you.

Mini Hershey Bars: Despite your love of pop culture, you have classic values and are very close with your family.

Wishing you an epic candy haul this Halloween!