Diana's Diary: Entry 6


Last night I dreamed that everything was back to normal: I was the ruler of Millwood. My friends respected me, the whole student body feared me, Brayden loved me and, and best of all, my parents were still together. When I woke up, instead of being disappointed that it was just a dream, I felt powerful, like anything was possible. For the first time in forever, I felt like myself again.

Just because my shot at President is gone, doesn’t mean I can’t win back my role as Millwood Royalty. But I won’t be able to do it alone. Nobody rises to power without a loyal league of followers, and unfortunately, as of now, I have none. Jenna is far off in nerd land, so I figured I’d start with getting Morgan back on my side. She was prickly at first, but we’ve been friends for too long for her to ignore me completely. Plus, I think she’s smart enough to know that if she doesn’t join me in my quest for power, I’m more than capable of destroying her.

Diary, with all I’m going through, you might be surprised that Cassie is back on my radar. I’ve blamed her for my parents’ divorce for so long, but as the mature woman that I’m becoming, I wonder if that isn’t totally fair. I wonder if I put all the blame on Cassie so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of admitting whose fault it really is: mine.

Do I owe her an apology?! And if she forgives me, can she help in my quest for power? I don’t know yet. But, one thing I do know, I’ll be keeping a much closer eye on her from now on.