Origin Story: When Sky Met Harmony


“Dance contest! Dance contest sign-ups here!”

Seven-year-old Sky perked up when she heard the principal’s voice blaring through the megaphone. She smoothed her pink skirt, tightened her ponytail, and joined the crowd of kids sprinting toward the sign-up table.

“Only ten spots for the dance contest! You must sign up today!”

It was the last week of school, and Sky was at her very first Attaway Elementary School field day. She had been thinking about this day since she was in preschool. Her babysitter had always taken her to watch the older girls perform in the dance contest, and this year Sky was finally old enough.

Sky raced to the front of the sign-up table, pushing through a pack of chatty fourth graders. “One spot in the dance contest, please,” she said. She was out of breath from running, and the Velcro on one of her light-up sneakers had come undone.

The principal lowered her glasses to stare at Sky. “No spots for a solo,” she said coldly, pointing down at the list. It was true. The older kids had taken all the solo spots.

Sky felt tears spring to her eyes. “But - but I’ve been working on my solo for years,” she pleaded, stomping her sneaker on the ground. She didn’t want to get upset in front of everyone, but she couldn’t help it. It felt like all her hoping and dreaming was for nothing.

“Take a moment,” the principal said, motioning for Sky to stand to the side of the table. “I have to keep going with the sign-ups.”

Three girls stepped forward. “Sign us up for a trio!” they shouted in unison.

Then, two boys. “We’re doing a hip-hop duo.”

Sky turned away, trying to distract herself with thoughts of shopping and pizza.

“Solo, please!”

“No spots for a solo.”

Sky wiped her eyes with her sweater and turned to see who was talking. It was a girl about her age, with curly hair and brown eyes. Sky had seen her around before, but they’d never been in the same class.

The girl squinted at the sign-up list, like she was concentrating very hard. Then, she looked up and smiled at Sky. Sky looked away, not wanting to seem like she was eavesdropping.  

“Is there a spot for a duet?” the girl asked, staring back down at the list.

The principal shrugged. “Sure, if you can find a partner.”

The girl pointed at Sky. “Do you want to be my partner?” She looked hopeful, and happy, and maybe a tiny bit mischievous. Just looking at her made Sky feel excited again.

“Absolutely!” Sky nodded, giving the principal a thumbs-up.

The principal picked up her pencil. “So...Sky and Harmony...for a duet?”

Harmony. Sky smiled at her new duet partner. “Yes, that’s us,” the two girls said at the exact same time. They giggled.

“So, Harmony,” Sky said as they walked away, “I have a lot of ideas for this duet. I hope that’s okay.”

“I have a lot of ideas, too!” Harmony shouted, jumping up and down. “Oh my gosh, this is going to be the best dance of all eternity.”

Sky laughed. “Let’s start with winning the dance contest first.”

“True, true,” Harmony said. “Want to sleep over my house tonight and get started?”

“Um, duh,” Sky answered, flicking the end of her ponytail. The two girls giggled and made sassy poses. Sky couldn’t stop laughing around Harmony. It was like they had already been BFFs for years.

“Wait - want to be best friends?” Sky asked. For a moment, she stopped laughing. She was a tiny bit nervous.

Harmony took the sleeve of her sweatshirt and wiped a pretend tear from her cheek. “I thought you’d never ask,” she said, sounding jokingly dramatic.

Within seconds, Sky and Harmony started to giggle again. Then, they laughed even harder. Then, they laughed because they were laughing so hard.

Sky linked arms with Harmony and walked toward the playground. She knew they might not win the dance contest, but for once, winning didn’t matter. It felt like the beginning of something even more perfect.