Sissy's Top 5 Playlist

Sissy Sheridan plays musically inclined Angie on Chicken Girls, Season 3. Scroll to find out what she’s been listening to these days, then listen for yourself!


Almost is Never Enough - Ariana Grande.

I love this song so much! The lyrics are beautiful and yet so sad that these two people who love each other just can’t quite make it work.

People Help the People - Birdy

The song really spreads the message I’m trying to spread about human decency and not turning a blind eye to suffering. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we can’t change the course of the future. We have BIG voices and we need to make them heard.

Hostage - Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish’s voice is so effortlessly beautiful and I feel like her music reaches your soul. She has a unique approach to songwriting and uses metaphor in a way that makes you think.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack!

I can’t pick only one song from this album. This was not only a great movie musical but it explores the important truth about our differences. Being different can be a great strength, especially in numbers. I always catch myself humming one of the songs.

Mamma Mia (Here We Go Again version) - Meryl Streep

This song is such a fresh take on the classic Mamma Mia song. It’s the kind of bop where you grab a kitchen spatula and use it as a mic to sing it LOUD. I like to jam out to in the car - windows down and sunroof open of course!

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