Diana's Diary: Entry 7



I know I have a mean streak (understatement?) and I tried to keep it under control today, but as soon as I saw Cassie and Kate looking all buddy-buddy by the lockers, I couldn’t help myself. I called them “Millwood’s biggest nerds,” which isn’t entirely accurate (I mean, it’s not like they’re Scott or Eli), I just hate when people are happy without me. I’m not happy, so why should other people get to be?

In the pursuit of happiness, I joined Felicity’s dance class. I know it seems like I joined as some kind of plan to disrupt Cassie’s perfect little life, but that truly wasn’t my motive. I love dancing, and if Vice Principal Lane insists on me having a thang (ew, gross), than obviously it should be something that brings me joy (even if said joy is temporary and fleeting). Of course my presence must be unsettling to her, but that’s just a fun bonus!

Similarly, I didn’t start flirting with Julian just to mess with Cassie. She obviously has a crush on him, but as far as I’m concerned, she does not have dibs. He’s literally the cutest guy I have ever seen, and as soon as I laid eyes on him I knew he had to be mine. Maybe he’ll be the first person to appreciate all the light I have to offer this dreary world, maybe I’ve finally found my prince. A girl can only hope.