Diana's Diary: Entry 9



Last week I was wondering if I should ask Julian to the dance or wait for him to ask me, and the popular opinion seems to be that I should wait. I mean, he will ask me…right? I overheard Cassie telling Kate that she wants to “get to know him better” before dating him, little does she know she doesn’t even have a chance!

Diary, today was a good day. As if it were Christmas or my birthday, I was delivered a very special gift in the form of juicy gossip. A truly good, valuable piece of gossip is the greatest present anyone can ever get me. Why? Because I can use it. As it turns out, Jenna has been stealing clothes from the store where Kate works and Kate took the fall for it! Look, I know I shouldn’t be happy about such a thing, but I’m trying to get my power back, and this helps me a lot. With this information on my side, I have something to, let’s say, encourage her to come back to Team Diana and follow my orders like in the good old days. Between you and me, I wish people wanted to be my friend without me having to blackmail them. But then I’d have to…relinquish power and control…and I’m just not ready to do that.

So, I told her that she could decide: If she joins me in my quest to rule Millwood, I’ll help her keep the shoplifting secret, which will mean she gets to keep dating Scott. However, if she turns down my offer, I’ll become her sworn enemy, which means I will out her for stealing and she’ll lose Scott for good. Here’s to hoping she’s smarter than she looks.