Emily and Lilia: The 411 on ‘Denim Jacket’

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham got together to collaborate on their first single, Denim Jacket. What’s it like recording a song? What’s it like filming a music video?! We sat down with the girls to find out!


How long have you been singing, and when did you know it was something you wanted to do professionally?

Emily: This was the first song I have ever recorded! I honestly had never thought about recording a song until Brat reached out and asked Lilia and I to do it.

Lilia: I grew up doing a lot of musical theatre and love performing but never wanted to be an actual singer. I've never I never felt that confident in my voice. I still don't consider myself a real singer! I've always had a lot of issues with breathing and throat issues, which makes it super hard to sing. I found out I have a small benign tumor (not a big deal, promise) that I am getting removed in November so hopefully that will make it more fun.

What was the most fun part of recording this song? 

Emily: I think it was just getting to experience this with one of my very best friends! Lilia and I were both pretty nervous but having each other made it so much easier! Everyone we worked with on this was also really encouraging and sweet so that made us feel a lot better. So in the end I guess it was getting to work with amazing people!

Lilia: Getting to spend time with one of my best friends, Emily, and doing this with someone who is new to it too!

What was the biggest challenge?

Emily: Believing that I could do it. I kept thinking, what am I doing? I am not a singer. But I had to change my thinking and tell myself that I could do this. One thing that really helps me when I am feeling anxious or unsure of myself is to ask myself the question, "what is the worst thing that can happen?" Once I started thinking that way it opens the door to more positive thoughts and I started to really enjoy the experience. 

Lilia: Definitely getting over the fear of singing for other people and people thinking we are trying to be something we are not (ie. Beyonce).

What do you hope the fans get from it?

Emily: Lilia and I both loved this song because we feel like teens sometimes get very caught up in relationships and are very devastated if things go wrong. We want them to see that feeling heartbroken is an awful feeling, and something that everyone goes through. And definitely is an experience that you can recover from. We were also hoping to show the importance of having great friends who can support you when you are feeling down!

Lilia: Because we don't interact as much any more on the shows (since Dirt and Total Eclipse are diverging more in their stories) we hope this is a fun way to bring the characters back together!

What can you tell us about your experience filming the music video?

Emily: Filming the music video was really fun! My favorite part of filming the video was the acting parts, where my character was realizing that the boy I was seeing was also seeing someone else too. Just trying to tap into those emotions was challenging and fun. The biggest challenge for me was having to sing through all of the acting scenes. I hadn't ever mixed singing and acting before.

Lilia: It was definitely different then doing the shows because we had to look directly into the camera and that felt pretty weird. But it was so fun getting to let loose and dance with one of my best friends and meet some new great people! 

Can the fans expect more songs from you in the future?

Emily: I don’t know! I had a good time doing it but I guess it just depends on how people like this song!

Lilia: I think it would be so fun to do a musical episode on one of the shows or something like Riverdale where we get to dance and sing with the cheer team but not sure Albums are in my future ;) 

Listen to Denim Jacket and watch the music video now…you will NOT regret it!