Terrell: The 411

Terrell Ransom Jr. will be joining the cast of A Girl Named Jo Season 2 as Dwight Hughes! We sat down with him on set to get the 411. Here’s what we learned:


Who will you be playing on A Girl Named Jo, and what can you tell us about your character?

I play a character named Dwight Hughes. Because he’s a person of color in the 1960s, he has to be very careful about all his actions and who he interacts with. Because it was such a time of strife for African Americans, he learns how to drop into the shadows at the right moments to avoid conflict. I was excited to play Dwight because he’s not stereotypical, but actually a fleshed out, well-rounded character.

What was your favorite scene to shoot and why?

My favorite scene to shoot was one where we’re all walking out of chemistry class, Abby, Jo, Cathy and I, and we’re having separate conversations about the same thing. It was interesting to see how it was put together to make the conversations sync up with each other.

What do you love about being on set?

The crafty. All the snacks all the chips all the candy. Being a part of the new family and making new friends on set is one of the best things any kid my age could ask for. A lot of time during this job I’m working with only adults, and that can get boring. It’s so cool to meet kids my own age who are also acting.

How long have you been acting

11 years. I still like taking acting classes if I need to brush up on something or learn a new skill.

What do you hate about being on set?

Waking up early. I’m not a morning person. I’ve tried to get used to it but I haven’t. But doing a job I love makes it a lot easier. I may be tired, but I’m still looking forward to getting to set.

Who is a figure from history that you admire/look up to?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Obviously he has done the most for people of color. So inspiational to everyone. Another person would be Maya Angelou. I used to not really connect with her because I didn’t understand, but now that I’m older I get how true to her roots she was, and that is very important to me.

If you could be another character on a Brat show who would it be?

Spencer on Total Eclipse.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’ll have a loft in Hollywood and I’ll be directing movies and I’ll have three feature films under my belt. Blockbusters, hopefully. I hope I have a dog. I think i’ll be happy. The most important thing for me is to be happy.

What is your very favorite thing to do when you’re not on set or working?

Playing video games! I also like making videos using clips from my favorite movies…sort of like a visual collage.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Tokyo. Their culture is so cool and their clothes are so unique. Obviously I love their food as well.

Favorite show currently?

Parks and Recreation.

If you could be someone else for a day who would it be and why?

Tyler The Creator because he has his own clothing brand and he drives a McLaren, which is funny because I’ve actually seen him riding his bike up LaBrea.

One thing you couldn’t live without?

My computer. Assuming I have food and water and oxygen, all I really need to live is my computer.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Birthday Cake.

Favrotie ride at Disneyland?


What’s your middle name?


One last fun fact?

I’ll be getting my blackbelt in December. Two blackbelts, actually. One is for Tai Kwon Do and one is for extreme martial arts.

To see Terrell in action, stay tuned for a brand new season of A Girl Named Jo coming to you this January!

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