Kaylyn Slevin: DIY Thanksgiving Treats With Beatrice


Hey there, reader! It’s me, Beatrice, here again to sweeten up your lives with some easy Thanksgiving DIY fun!

Last week you voted for more chocolate treats, and today I’m here to deliver. So, without further delay, introducing Chocolate Pilgrim Hats!

What you’ll need:

What you gotta do:

  1. Start by placing a Keebler Chocolate Fudge Cookie face down, so that the chocolate side is facing up.

  2. Unwrap a Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cup and use Nutella to adhere it to the cookie surface. Note: Make sure it’s the TOP of the Reese’s cup that sticks to the cookie.

  3. Use a tube of yellow frosting to draw a band all the way around along the line where the Reese’s meets the cookie, representing the ribbon on a Pilgrim hat.

  4. Draw a square with the yellow frosting above the yellow line, representing the buckle on a Pilgrim hat.

  5. Repeat as many times as you’d like!