Rhyme's Diary: Entry 4


Dear Diary,

Sometimes it takes something big to turn your perspective around. For me, it was walking into Birdie’s bedroom with Rooney and finding that Birdie is gone. Not like “Ellie turning into a different person named Brooke” gone. I mean, really gone.

It’s sad to consider how much things have changed. This year has been all about change, ever since T.K. moved away and high school started. It feels like just yesterday that Birdie was leading the Attaway dance team and bossing all of us around. Now, all I can do is worry about her and hope that she’s going to be okay.

One change I am not loving: the fact that Angie is back. As awkward as things got with Drake, I was at least excited (well, nervous-excited) to have the lead in the play. But, now it’s back to understudy life - getting Angie her water and having to watch her make romantic eye contact with Drake. According to my director, it’s a “miracle” to have Angie back in the play. Well, that sure makes me feel good.

If miracles can apparently happen, then let me hope that Birdie goes back to being her old self. Or, that she goes back to Attaway at all. And, let’s be real - I don’t have to have stressed-out daydreams about forgetting my lines anymore, now that I’m not playing Juliet. I can focus on what really matters, like my friends...and hoping Drake doesn’t fall in love with Angie. That one may be a little harder. Wish me luck!

Lots of love, Rhyme