What Does Your Favorite Musical Say About You?


The students of Attaway High are gearing up to perform their original Western musical, Rodeo and Juliet! Scroll to learn what your favorite musical says about you:

Hamilton: You love to learn new things, and have an impressively open mind.

Bye Bye Birdie: Your vibrant personality sets you apart from the crowds. You’re good at handling the spotlight, but prefer to live in the shadows.

Annie: You often feel like an outsider, but almost never let it get you down. Your friends and family love you for your charisma and your big heart!

The Sound of Music: You’re wise beyond your years. Sixteen going on seventeen, some might say.

West Side Story: While you can’t help but appreciate some good drama, what you really want is for love to conquer all.

Mean Girls: You have a sharp sense of humor and a bit of an edge, but you’re a genuinely good person. Your friends know you’d never want to hurt somebody’s feelings on purpose.

Chicago: You’re rebellious, and you never let yourself get taken advantage of.

The Lion King: Adventure calls your name at all hours of the day, but your friends and family keep you grounded.

Legally Blonde: Ambition is your path in life. You conduct yourself with grace and dignity, even when going to war with your enemies.

Mama Mia: You savor the unpredictable moments in life, and have a wild streak not many people know about.

Watch Chicken Girls Wednesdays at 3PM to see how Rodeo and Juliet unfolds!