The Making of ‘It's Gonna Snow’

We asked film director Eli Sokhn (@electation) about his experience creating the video for It’s Gonna Snow, starring Annie LeBlanc. This is what he had to say!

The idea all started when Lucas [Tomashow] and I were discussing a possible collaboration out of admiration to each other's work, and we were looking for the right project to make happen. He then went on to send me the song that Brat's music label had originally produced for Annie, and it totally put the Christmas feels right into me! 

The goal was then to visually capture that warm and fuzzy snowy Christmas feeling, except we had to film it in LA, so that was a tiny challenge. However, we had a great team to pull this off with. My cinematographer, Rafael, did a beautiful job capturing that, as well as Aprile, my production designer, who created an environment in which everyone felt like they're home on a snowy day, and we literally made it snow. Annie was fun to work with and brought the christmas vibe along with her and it was cheers all around, especially with a bunch of puppies on set. Like how can you not have fun doing that?! Hopefully you guys can see that reflected in the video!

Watch the final product below!