Terrell's Top 5

Terrell Ransom Jr. will be joining the cast of A Girl Named Jo for Season 2! Scroll to listen to his current top five favorite songs:


B (Electric) - Jaden Smith

Song fact: The lyrics of this song are inspired by the Bible verse Genesis 2:4-3:24.

Butterfly Effect - Travis Scott

Song fact: Former President of the United States Barack Obama noted the track as one of his favorites in 2017.

Pink + White - Frank Ocean

Song fact: “Color is a significant motif in Frank’s music, from the title of his 2012 album channel ORANGE to symbolistic songs like “Eyes Like Sky” and “Pink Matter.” He specifically mentions pink skies in “Sierra Leone.”. Here, Frank expresses how we have no control over the color of the sky, it can be blue, or it can be pink and white.” -Genius Lyrics

Enjoy Right Now, Today - Tyler, The Creator

Song fact: There are no lyrics in this song! It is a purely instrumental track!

PCH -Jaden Smith

Song fact: This song is named after the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles, California.

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