Diana's Diary: Entry 8



I’m writing to you from Juniors café, where I’m supposed to be doing my homework. But what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t keep you updated on my very exciting life?

Operation seize the throne is underway. Now that I have my eye on the prize (and the prince), I’m sure everything will be looking up soon!

I mean, getting paired up with Julian during dance class was a dream. He’s such a good dancer, and he smells amazing. Everything about him is just so graceful, completely unlike Brayden who, by contrast, is basically a caveman. I can’t believe I ever fell for him! I won’t be surprised if I never think about that sad little commoner ever again.

The Winter Formal is on the horizon, which is where my master plan will finally come to fruition. Instead of waiting for Julian to ask me (or, God forbid, ask Cassie), I’ll take control and ask him myself. When we’re seen together, everyone will be reminded what they seem to have forgotten this semester: Diana. Gets. What. She. Wants. While Cassie and Kate sit together in the corner like Tweedle Dee and Tweetle Dum, I’ll be with Julian, spinning on the dance floor like a beautiful, sparkling disco ball. Like a princess. Like a queen.

The school wouldn’t let me be President, so I have no choice but to acquire my power by force. How? I’m not totally sure yet. But I know one thing: what I need is leverage. I need people to fear me just as much as they envy me. When I have that, the throne will be mine.

I asked Julian to meet me here at the café to do some homework together, and hopefully I’ll have the courage to ask him to the dance. Last year, I would have never doubted my abilities to charm him into falling in love with me, but sadly, my confidence has been shaken.

Well, he’ll be here any minute, so ta-ta for now!