Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 11/12


Welcome to my weekly horoscope, thanks for swinging by! I'm Autumn, and I'll be reading the stars for you. Find your sign and see what the stars have in store this week!

Scorpio: The world can feel like an unfriendly place at times, so this week make sure to take good care of yourself. Spend time somewhere you feel safe, with people who make you feel safe!

Sagittarius: It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes, and start looking towards the future. Remember that what’s up ahead is so much greater than what you’re leaving behind.

Capricorn: This is a week for closure and moving on. Look around at your life and decide what isn’t healthy for you anymore, and don’t be afraid to cut the ties of toxic relationships that are holding you back from happiness!

Aquarius: You may feel tempted to try to control your life and the lives of others this week. Instead, practice getting out of your own way and letting the universe work its magic!

Pisces: This week your friends and family may demand more of you than you’re comfortable giving. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and set the boundaries you need to maintain your energy and your sanity!

Aries: When this week feels rough and rocky, it’s important you practice hope and faith. The more hope you have, the more powerful you will become.

Taurus: If you want it to be, this week can be a highly creative one for you. Let yourself get carried away by a project: paint a picture, write a poem, learn how to cook a new meal—anything your heart desires!

Gemini: Take a break from all the busy work this week, and retreat into your own private world away from everyone with their thoughts and opinions. Every night before bed, watch or read something funny to help you enjoy life just a little bit more.

Cancer: Happily let go of whatever is leaving you this week. Whether it be a bad habit, a toxic friend, a fear, a dream, or even a loved one, if it’s on it’s way out, you’re better off without it. This may be hard to accept at times, but living without what isn't working for you will make you lighter and stronger!

Leo: This week, surround yourself with people, places, and things you love. You love them for a reason, which is that they make you happy! Remember that you can change a bad mood by gravitating towards the things that bring you joy.

Virgo: It’s time to follow your heart’s desire. You may think certain things or people you want in your life are out of your reach or aren’t possible for you, but you couldn’t be more wrong! This is the week to take a risk and go for the gold, knowing in your heart that you deserve all that is good in the world.

Libra: Be honest about your emotions this week. If you’re feeling down or blue, there’s no need to pretend to be happy. If you are feeling happy, let it show! Being true to yourself and your emotions will inspire others and benefit you in unpredictable ways.

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!