Annie and Jay: The Making of ‘Love at First Sight’

It’s official, the Love at First Sight music video is out! We asked Brat video director and producer Daniel Cummings about the inspiration and story behind the video. Here’s what he revealed:

For this music video, it was important to create a visual that felt very different from the way the song was used in the Chicken Girls episode. I partnered with Brat leadership and development team to create a surreal, sci-fi visual, in which Jay’s character is a space traveler whose spaceship crashes on a foreign planet. Annie’s character witnesses the crash while watching the nighttime skies.

An unseen force brings them together and the chemistry is both instant and undeniable.

Creating a new world definitely took a team effort. Brat's in-house art team built an amazing world which made shooting the video that much easier, and the editors and visual effects artists found ways to boost the production value (in both the transitions and the scenes) by utilizing a variety of overlays and particles to help sell the feeling of a different world.

Hope you enjoy!

See the interplanetary chemistry for yourself!