Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme's Easy Gift Ideas

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Hi friends! After the madness of Winter Formal and the shock of seeing T.K. again, I’ve decided I need a new hobby to take my mind off things, AND with the Holidays right around the corner, I thought you might like some help making easy DIY gifts for your loved ones. So, why not feed two birds with one scone? I hope this Holiday gift guide is as fun for you to read as it was for me to make!



This one is really easy, you guys! Here’s all you need:

One white mug

Rubber Cement


Got your materials? Great! Now all you have to do is…

  1. Pour your chosen color of glitter into a bowl

  2. Brush rubber cement onto the bottom half of the mug

  3. Dip the mug into the bowl of glitter until the rubber cemented half is fully covered

  4. Leave your newly glittered mug out to dry

See you next week for my second easy DIY gift idea!