Rhyme's Diary: The Season Finale



My hands are shaking so hard that I can barely hold my pen. I’m sorry if I sound less enthusiastic than usual, it’s just that my head is spinning. So much has happened in the past 24 hours that I can hardly stop to catch my breath, let alone pick you up and start writing.

I’ll start with the moment I saw T.K. in the hospital. There was a second there where I thought I was still trapped in that dream from the night before Winter Formal. You know, the one where I was dancing with Drake, only to come face-to-face with the T.K. I met back in elementary school? Except, this time, it was the real T.K., high-school T.K., standing right there in front of me. When we made eye contact, it was like time had stopped. Like we were the only two people in the entire world. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since, even though I know I should have other things on my mind…

Besides T.K., the biggest thing on my mind right now is Birdie. I hope she’s going to be okay. I mean, she’s going to be okay, right?! My thoughts have been racing in these past few hours, going from worry to positivity and back to worry in the span of seconds. At least I have the Chicken Girls by my side, since they’re the only ones who can understand what I’m going through.

Drake’s been texting me since I left the dance to go to the hospital, and I know I need to respond to him soon. It’s just that if I text him about Birdie, it starts to feel too real. I don’t think I can talk about it yet, to anyone who wasn’t there at the hospital last night. I just need to get some rest first and wait until Birdie’s mom gives us some more information.

Of course, I want to tell you all about the dance, though Birdie’s injury and T.K. showing up have complicated things. In those moments before Rooney told me what was going on, though… Things were perfect. Effortless. There I was, talking and laughing and dancing with Drake, knowing that our chemistry was still there offstage, smiling so wide I could barely feel my face, about to kiss…

But, I know, life isn’t effortless. It isn’t perfect, and it isn’t supposed to be. All I know is that sometimes you have to go with what’s in your head, and sometimes you have to follow your heart. If only I knew what my heart really wanted.

Well, diary, it looks like I have a lot to figure out this winter. Please send good health Birdie’s way, and when it comes to boys, well...wish me luck!