Alabama's Top 5


Recording artist and makeup expert Alabama Barker shared her top five favorite songs with us! Scroll to find out what she’s been listening to:

Session 32 - Summer Walker

“This is one of my favorite songs because her voice is so calming,” Says Alabama, “There’s a lot of emotion in this song and when I listen to it I can really feel what she’s feeling.”

Irreplaceable - Beyonce

“A classic,” Says Alabama, “I love this one because it’s like boy bye!”


“His music has always meant a lot to me,” Says Alabama, “I was so sad when he passed away. I’m actually doing a project in school about him and his life.”

Ocean - Martin Garrix, Khalid

“This is a perfect song for when you’re headed to the beach or when you’re just cruising,” Says Alabama.

Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

“This is such a classic pop-rock breakup anthem,“ Says Alabama, “You can always jam out in the car to it.”

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