Kaylyn Slevin: Holiday Crafts With Beatrice


Brooke a.k.a Ellie may have helped Tim Sharp “expose me” for who I “really am” or whatever, but make no mistake, I’m just as fierce and fabulous as always. The only difference is that now that the whole school knows about my love for needlepoint and other crafts, I figure I might as well embrace these nerdy little passions wholeheartedly. If I think about it, it’s actually kinda cool to do what I love and not be embarrassed by it! So…thanks Tim and Ellie? I guess.

Anyway, last week you voted for more creative craft ideas, so, without further delay, introducing HOLIDAY SALT SHAKERS!

What You’ll Need:

What you gotta do:

Unscrew one salt shaker

Fill it up about a quarter of the way with salt

Pick one to three miniature figurines and stand them up in the salt

Repeat until you have the salt shaker winter wonderland of your dreams!