Talking Holiday Spectacular


Brat’s first annual Holiday Spectacular comes out this Friday the 21st, and we couldn’t be more excited to show you what we’ve been working on! Here’s what the cast had to say about their experience making it all come to life:

What was your favorite part about filming the holiday spectacular?

Jay: I made new friends and got to film my first holiday special!

Skylie: I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone between takes, and the actual filming of it of course!

Aliyah: My favorite part on set was definitely the environment. I love every single member of the cast and this was definitely my favorite project I’ve filmed with Brat. 

Indiana: Having reindeer makeup on everyday.  My nose was stained red for a solid week after filming, but hey it was worth it I think. Also seeing Billy walk onto set in his Santa Costume….he’s a typical Dad with his Dad jokes all the time and being dressed as Father Christmas made them funny at last (cause I tell him he’s not normally funny at all ha ha ha ha).   

Do you have a funny story from set?

Jay: I accidentally took off Indiana’s reindeer nose haha!

Skylie: Bryce and I had a competition on who could scare each other the most after he claimed he couldn’t be scared. I won (with a little help from Darius).

Aliyah: We filmed the choir scene before we recorded it so NOBODY knew the lyrics. It was hilarious. 

Indiana: Annie and I were in wardrobe and in this scene the costume was really large. The art department had dressed the set with huge candy canes and every time Annie and I went to say our lines we moved and knocked them over.  Both of us were a little tired and for some reason we found this really funny.  It was hard to keep a straight face and deliver our lines correctly after that!

What are you excited for the viewers to see?

Jay: All the hard work we out into making this!

Skylie: All the Drama!!!

Aliyah: I’m really excited for people to see how driven Luna is. You really start to understand the reasons behind her madness. 

Indiana: I’m excited for everyone to see a group of people crossing over from different shows. I’m really excited for everyone to see Kenzie and Annie together because both fan groups are so passionate about their stans.  

Do you have a holiday message for the fans?

Jay: Spend time with your family and friends. That's the most important thing. 

Skylie: I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season!!

Aliyah: I know presents are cool, but the holidays are about spending time with the people you love! This is such a good time to reconnect with your family and friends, so make the most of it! (And have a very happy holiday) :)

Indiana: I just want everyone to stay safe and create really good memories with each other this season. Life really is so short!

See you Friday for the big premier!