Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 12/24


Welcome to my weekly horoscope, thanks for swinging by! I'm Autumn, and I'll be reading the stars for you. Find your sign and see what the cosmos have in store this week!

Sagittarius: This week, add some more optimism to your outlook. You may think things are impossible or that you’re not worthy, but the truth is that you’re only seeing the world that way. With a positive mindset, you can get out of any rut and start seeing the beautiful, talented, and all-around amazing person you are.

Capricorn: You are drawn to deep conversations and meaningful moments this week. Lean into your introspective side and seek out others who love to talk, listen, and appreciate the world in the same way you do. Once you’re done talking, start writing, drawing, daydreaming, or creating, and let your thoughts and ideas carry you away.

Aquarius: It’s time to ditch your bad habits and find a new groove. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never felt the motivation? This week is the time to start! If you’re not feeling an inner sense of ambition, do it anyway. Your inner strength will catch up with you once you start trying.

Pisces: This week, your social calendar is buzzing. Amidst all the festivities with friends and family, take stock of your surroundings. Are you busy because you want to be, or are you just afraid of experiencing FOMO? If you’re happy where you are, then enjoy the moment! If you’re not, then don’t be afraid to say no once in a while - it won’t hurt you.

Aries: Here’s the good news: your luck is going to be amazing this week. I’m talking good vibes and fabulous days all around. Here’s the bad part: some people are going to be majorly jealous of the luck you’re having. Ignore them and block out the haters, this is your time to shine!

Taurus: You are itching to travel right now. If you’re headed on vacation, then you’re set to have an incredible time! If you’re not, then you need to act on that travel bug anyway. Explore a local spot, check out some travel blogs, or get friends together to do a new activity.

Gemini: This week, focus on the things you truly love to do, and stop wasting time on the things that make you feel sad and bored. You may have outgrown a school subject, extracurricular, or friendship that you used to love, and that’s okay. It’s time to move on and make room for your authentic passions.

Cancer: It’s time to kick back and treat yourself. Eat your favorite junk food, watch all the Christmas movies (or whatever else you love) on Netflix, take a long nap, and spend time talking and laughing with those closest to you. Let go of whatever stress you’ve had this year, and simply live in the moment.

Leo: You are glowing this week. You’re feeling energetic and joyful, and other people are completely drawn to your magnetic enthusiasm. Bring everyone around you into your upbeat aura, especially those who are feeling down and could use a little more cheer.

Virgo: It’s time to drop the planning and organization, and make room for some more creativity in your life. Whether you’re into doodling, writing, crystals, makeup, or fashion, try out a new style this week and see where it takes you. Breaking out of your old routine can make way for a major breakthrough.

Libra: This week, it’s all about celebrating you! Let the good times roll as you party hard, welcome new and old friends to your life, and feel open-hearted and open-minded. You’ll feel a boost in self-esteem, so use that feeling to remind yourself of your worth and all the amazing things you’ve accomplished this year.

Scorpio: Just in time for the holidays, you’re feeling ready to dedicate yourself to your community and help give back to others. Bring your friends and family into this service-oriented mindset and head out to help those in need. Your innate generosity is meaningful, important, and a powerful source of self-renewal.

Come back next week for more guidance from above!