Lily Chee: New Year's Eve Makeup With Britney


Hey cuties, I’m back! Are you ready for New Year’s Eve? If you don’t have your makeup plan covered yet, you’ve come to the right place! Scroll for the perfect, easy-to-do New Year’s Eve makeup look:

I call it the “Out of this world” look…

First thing’s first, make sure you have all your ingredients:

Glitter eyeshadow in multiple colors

Eyeliner pen stamp (stars)

Red lipstick

Cosmetic glitter

Now follow these steps to look absolutely out of this world!

  1. Pick your eye glitter color and apply it to your lids.

  2. Use the eyeliner pen stamp to add a cluster of three stars to the outer sides of your eyes (If you’d prefer, you can place these underneath your eyes instead, just on top of your cheekbones).

  3. Apply your lipstick.

  4. Using a makeup brush, dab cosmetic glitter onto the lipstick until you have on your desired amount.

And just like that, you’re an intergalactic queen!