Rhyme's Diary: Entry 6


Dear Diary,

The countdown to winter formal has officially begun. Well, I’m sure you know it began the moment Drake asked me, but still…

Although this week was mostly boring and full of homework, I did take some time yesterday to write down my Christmas list. Mine was only a page long, but Harmony’s was basically a mile long. Her list included posh spa vacations and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so mine was a little more realistic.

Though, if I can be unrealistic for a moment, I thought I’d add a few top-secret things to my list. We’ll call it my winter formal wish list.

Here’s what I’m wishing for…

  1. To find the perfect dress (still looking...)

  2. For Ellie to finally leave the Bs behind. For good.

  3. That Birdie comes back to Attaway.

  4. For all the Chicken Girls to hang out and dance the night away together.

  5. To have amazing conversations with Drake all night. I want him to get to know the real me, without all the stage lights and rodeo songs. Even though those rodeo songs were pretty fun.

  6. To get a text from a special someone.

Oh, and one more wish: here’s hoping that Harmony gets at least one thing on her Christmas list. I’m definitely not looking forward to another one of her diva moments if she doesn’t. Maybe I can try that spa vacation at home. Wish me luck!

Lots of love, Rhyme