Hey Harmony: Holiday Boredom


Hey Harmony,

Holiday break is almost here, and I feel like it’s just going to be like every other year: BORING. I know, I know, for most people the holidays are full of fun, relaxation, and good times. Not for me! My parents are busy working, my older siblings have sports team practice, and all of my best friends are traveling to visit family. I feel like I’m going to spend two weeks sitting in my bed just scrolling through social media and seeing everyone else having an amazing holiday break. It makes me feel sad and jealous, like I have nothing going on in my life.

How do I escape the cycle of holiday boredom and find something fun to do over the break?! Help me, please!


Bored for the Holidays



I’m going to give you some tough love here, so get ready: Your boredom is not anyone’s fault. It’s yours! Seriously, the holidays are ALL about being grateful for what’s around you and for the opportunities you are given. That was cheesy, but it’s true! You are LUCKY to have two weeks without school, work, or any responsibilities besides hanging out! Clearly, you’re not sure how to make the most of your time.

Okay, that was the tough part. Now, here’s the love part - your girl Harmony is here to help you make your break absolutely FABULOUS! Here are my top 5 tips for a perfect winter vacation:

  1. Pamper yourself. Being stuck at home is the perfect excuse for a spa day! Turn your boredom into bliss: take a long bath, listen to calming music, light some cinnamon-vanilla scented candles, massage your face, and wrap yourself up in a fluffy bathrobe. Soon, you’ll forget about all your worries and feel like you’re in paradise!

  2. Turn off social media. Social media can be AMAZING (like, who doesn’t love a good Snapchat filter?!) but it can also be a recipe for sadness around this time of year. It’s easy to feel like everyone is having a better time than you and forget about the good things that you have. Put your energy into something that makes you feel happy instead! And on that note…

  3. Find a new hobby. Always wanted to try art, writing, or making YouTube videos, but didn’t have the time?! Now is the time to start! Believe it or not, it was on a school break that I discovered my love of acting. I didn’t have time to worry about what other people were doing, because I was busy becoming a star. Do the same for yourself!

  4. Reach out to others. When your siblings and BFFs are busy, it’s exactly the time to find some new members of your crew. Send a text to that girl in your classes you’ve been wanting to get to know and see if she’s around to hang out, or plan to see a Christmas movie with a big group. Who knows, your newest BFF might be at home bored, too!

  5. Love yourself. Sappy, but true - the holidays are all about being happy with the life you’ve got, not comparing yourself to others. You need to be happy with you, even if that means you’re a little bored sometimes. Turn up that Christmas music and throw yourself a dance party because it’s your break and you deserve to celebrate!

Good luck, and remember that I’m always here for advice when you need it. Though don’t contact me on my spa day. This girl’s gotta recharge, too!