Diana's Diary: Entry 10



Is there a word for when things are even better than perfect?! Maybe spectacular, or incredible. Nah, not quite right. I mean, there are no words that can sum up how perfectly my plan went at the dance. What can I say?! I’m a genius!

So, I know you’re probably eager to hear about my amazing, more-than-perfect plan, but let’s start with how I looked. Beautiful, as usual. My pink dress with the diamonds on top exactly matched my royal necklace and tiara. I looked like an actual princess. For one of the first times in my life, it felt like my real life was actually like the one in my daydreams.

A princess is never without her ladies-in-waiting, and I found mine in Morgan and Jenna. After losing Jenna to Kate and Cassie this year, I thought I’d never win her back. But, with her shoplifting secret in my hands, it was like anything was possible again. Talking to Jenna in front of Scott, dangling her secret...it made me feel like the most powerful person in the world. Like I used to feel, before everything had to change.

Of course, as a real-life princess, I needed my Prince Charming by my side. And, because I’m fabulous, I found him: Julian. It didn’t hurt that he was Cassie’s Prince Charming, too… Oh, and Cassie was arrested! Now Julian can see that she’s not only a loser, but a thief. Well, not really a thief, but I don’t have to be the one to tell him that.

Diary, here’s a secret. The best part of last night wasn’t about my dress, or Julian, or even the surprise craziness with Cassie. The best part was the moment where Jenna was telling me she loved Scott. When she was confiding in me like that, I forgot Jenna was only talking to me because I knew about the shoplifting. It actually felt like old times, like she wanted to be my friend. I just want it to stay like that forever: me, ruling over Millwood, my friends following my orders and the ability to choose any crush I want.

Why should it be so hard?! I am a princess, after all.