Meet Mads

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We sat down to chat with Mads Lewis from Chicken Girls. Heres the 411:

So, we hear you don't like to be called Maddie. Is that true?

Maddie just doesn’t flow for me. In my mind, Maddie is a name that goes with a very girly a ballerina or a princess...a girl who wears dresses. If I’m going to a premier then yeah, a dress is an option, but more often than not I’m really a jeans girl. Honestly, the only person I think “Maddie” works for is Maddie Ziegler. So, you can call me Madison, but I also like Mads. To me it’s just the more “edgy” version of Maddie. 

What do your friends call you?

Mostly Mads. Friends who I trust calls me Mads, for sure. True friends. 

Can you talk a bit more about what a true friend means to you?

Forming true friendships is so much more important than building a following. If every time you’re with a friend they post pictures of themselves with you and tag you in it, then they probably are using you to get a bigger following. A true friend wouldn’t do that. Also, a true friend wouldn’t be one way to your face and another way behind your back. When you hear someone has said something mean about you behind your back it means they can’t be real with you, and they’re not a real friend. 

You're building a career in acting, do you ever get shy?

No, never. I just focus on being myself, and I know the right people will like me for who I am. Worrying what people think is a waste of your time!

What was your favorite thing about filming Chicken Girls

Memorizing lines is actually a really fun challenge. I also just love being on set with my friends trying not to laugh. Sometimes I’ll be filming a scene with one of my friends and she’ll be giving me a look or something and it’s just so hard to not burst out laughing. 

Does that mean you're friends with your Chicken Girls co-stars IRL? 

Yes! We’re friends on the show and we’re friends in real life. These are my girls. I knew some of them before, but I actually met Indi [Indiana Massara] on the first day filming Chicken Girls and we’ve been really close ever since.

What would you say to someone who thinks your life is perfect?

It’s NOT. Definitely not. We’re having fun but we still have to be responsible for our actions and our careers. People might not realize how much I work. I have to always work to stay consistent and on topic with what I post, I have to make plans and keep up a rhythm if I want my fans to stick around. I have to stay committed to creating content, I can’t just be random and casual about it. And when we're filming I have to wake up SO early.

What's the earliest you've had to get up?

Probably four in the morning. So I could get to set by 6. In December we’ll get to set at 6 and it will be FREEZING. And maybe it’s Winter in real life, but in the show it’s supposed to be Spring, so it’s not like we can bundle up. That’s really the only thing I hate about filming.

What's one last fun fact you want to share with your fans?

I’m a triplet! But we’re not identical. Riley has brown eyes, Dakota has green eyes, and my eyes are blue!

You can catch Mads in Chicken Girls: The Movie. Watch it now!