Hey Harmony: Homework Woes

Hey Harmony,

It all started this morning when I was getting ready for school. I was collecting my math homework so that I could put it in my backpack, when my mom reminded me to feed Lacey. That's our golden retriever puppy. Three months old. Adorable, yes, but a little crazy. So, I left my homework on the counter while I filled up her bowls with food and water. And how does she repay me? By jumping up onto the counter and taking a bite out of my essay! A big bite. 

When the teacher collected our homework, I had to tell her I didn't have mine because, well, my dog ate it. She laughed and rolled her eyes, then told me to come up with a more creative excuse for next time. It was SO embarrassing. How can I convince her that I didn't make up an excuse and that my dog really did eat my homework????


Homeworkless in Seattle



WOW. Sounds like your teacher woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! And that is NOT your fault. I mean, come on! There are only two sides, how hard can it possibly be to wake up on the right one?!  

If you want to prove to her that Lacey really did eat your homework, there's only one logical thing to do: put tomorrow's homework on the counter and set up a hidden camera nearby to catch Lacey in action this time. Maybe put some peanut butter on the homework to make Lacey really go wild (I mean, you might as well have fun with this). Play the footage for teach and she'll realize she never should have doubted you. 

In the meantime, congratulations on the new puppy! Send pics! 



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