Chicken Girls Teach the “Birds of a Feather” Dance

Everybody's favorite girl gang got together to teach you their famous Birds of a Feather dance. Here's how they broke it down into 18 easy-to-follow steps!

Verse 1:

1. Listen up now, listen to me

2. My girls are my fam, my family.

3. Stronger in numbers, it's no wonder

4. Watch out world, watch and you'll see. 

5. There's no stopping us

6. And our gang

7. Come back, come back for ya

8. Like a boomerang...


9. We fly so high, we fly together

10. We are a girl gang

11. Like birds of a feather.

[Repeat chorus moves 9 through 11]

Verse 2:

12. Times goes by

13. Tick, tock, tick

14. Can measure the moments  

15. With a click.

16. Growing up but not apart

17. This crew will always be my heart.

18. From here, repeat steps 5 through 11.

Congratulations, you've just learned the Birds of a Feather dance! Now get your gang together, practice your moves, and show us what you've got for a chance to win a signed poster from Chicken Girls: The Movie.