Friends of Brat: Meet Saxon Sharbino


In Saxon Sharbino's nineteen years on planet Earth, she's acted in eight TV shows, including Netflix's Love, and ten feature films, including the 2015 remake of Poltergeist. As soon as we met her, we knew we loved her. Here's everything we learned during our first ever Saxon Sharbino hangout session:

Saxon, your acting resume is impressive! Of all the scenes you've shot, which was your favorite and why? 

On Touch there was a fantasy sequence with these rivers in a really gorgeous nature scene. But to film it we used a green screen, actually it was a dome that was entirely green-screened. It was my first time working with green screen, and it was a wild experience. I was only thirteen, and really nervous navigating the whole thing. I had to walk around imaginary rivers and trees, and I kept thinking I'd mess it up and step in the river or bump into something because, you know, it's not like I could see it. 

Do you ever get shy when you're on set? 

I do get shy, especially right before I do a big scene that I really want to go well. I know I can do it, but the anticipation makes me shy and a little nervous. What helps me is this idea that nervousness and excitement are actually the same energy, and you can choose how you experience it. So, if you feel nervous you can remind yourself to understand it as excitement, and then you can harness the energy in a positive way instead of letting it get the best of you. It's just a state of mind.

How old were you when you started acting? 

I was nine when I started acting, but twelve when I booked my first pilot. 

What do you love about being on set?

I love getting to be different people, trying on different personas. I get to really understand a character and then bring it to life. That's when I feel like I'm living my purpose. 

What do you hate about being on set?

The waiting. I love acting but there’s just so much time when you're waiting around. You'll film for twenty minutes, then wait a few hours. And when you're waiting it's not like you get to relax, because you're always anticipating your scenes. It's emotionally exhausting.

What is your very favorite thing to do when you’re not on set or working?

Interviews! JK. I like hanging out with my friends or reading books. 

What's your favorite book?

Right now it's A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I do this thing when I read where I try to save the last quarter and savor it, but with this book I was so addicted I had to finish it all in two sittings. 

What's your favorite TV show currently?

I love Black Mirror. My favorite episodes are Nosedive and Hang the DJ. 

Which celebrity were you most excited to meet?

Julian McMahon. He was the first real actor that I'd ever met and he had such a welcoming presence. He gave me amazing advice that I still think about all the time. He told me not to take it too seriously when people are praising you, because if you take the praise seriously then you'll take the hate seriously when people start turning on you. If you believe the hype, you'll also believe the insults. So, you need to know that you're good at what you do despite what people are saying. You have to take people's words with a grain of salt. He made me feel valued and appreciated, and I want to be able to make other people feel that way. 

If you could be anyone else for one day who would it be and why?

I’d be the Queen of England beause why not? Then I could give my siblings knighthood. That would be fun. 

Before we wrap up, can you tell us one last fun fact? 

I drive a vintage Jaguar that is obnoxiously loud. 

Now that you know Saxon, let's welcome her to the Brat family!