Chicken Girls: Table Read Reactions

We caught up with the cast of Chicken Girls right after their Season 3 table read. Here's what they had to say: 

CG cast jumping.jpg

After watching the final product of Chicken Girls: The Movie, what's your favorite part?

Annie: The dance scene that we all do together at the Spring Fling towards the end of the movie. 
Hayley: The scene where I give everyone a breakdown of the plan to get Principal Anthony to let us have the dance. 
Brooke: I loved the opening scene where we spontaneously break out into song and feels very flash mob-y. 
Mads: In the beginning when Rhyme is skipping down the street. It's a really cute throwback to the first episode. 
Indiana: When the girls go to Rhyme's house and take her to the dance. Ellie was really funny in that scene. 
Rush: When Ace and my character are dissing each other on the steps. I say he's “a jerk with a J.” 
Erin: Definitely the kiss. Everyone went crazy for that scene. 

Without any spoilers, what are you most excited for in Season 3?

Jeremiah: Lots of drama in Season 3. I think it's going to be my favorite season so far.
Mads: There will be cool twists and turns, and a new element of mystery! And my character Byrdie has a great role in it. 
Brooke: I think the fans will really love Season 3. We've come so far and the episode are gonna be so much longer! 
Mat: I get to act with Billy LeBlanc! 
Billy LeBlanc: I feel like there’s a lot changing in this season, and the viewers are going to be very excited to meet new characters. At the table read it was a lot of fun watching everyone’s legitimate reactions to what happens in the scenes as they read the script for the first time. 
Dylan: Everyone grows a lot in this season. I think it'll be awesome to watch. 
Carson: I’m really excited to see everyone grow and change. The table read was fantastic and very funny.

Watch Chicken Girls: The Movie today, and stay tuned for Season 3, coming to you this September!