Lily Chee: The 411


Lily Chee is one of the newest additions to the Chicken Girls cast. We sat down with her on set to get the 411, here's what we learned:

Lily, you'll be playing Britney on Chicken Girls Season 3, what was your favorite scene to shoot and why?

Winter formal because everyone got together from the whole show and we all danced.

Where are you from and what's your birthday? 

I was born on September 9th, and I'm from New York. I still live in New York, actually. I'm in LA filming Chicken Girls Season 3. I love it out here, but sadly I'm going home in a few days. 

Your character, Britney, is a mean girl. What's it been like to play her?

It’s really fun because I get to portray someone I’m not and summon up new energy I haven't experienced before. It's a whole new experience. It feels ridiculous having to say these mean lines to people who are my good friends in real life, so sometimes it's hard to take myself seriously in this role. 

What do you love about being on set?

The people. Love being around all my friends. The crew are really nice and funny. Good balance between having fun and working hard.

What do you hate about being on set?

Probably just the waiting around before you get to film stuff. Sometimes I'll wait around for three hours just to act for twenty minutes. 

What is your very favorite thing to do when you’re not on set or working?

While I've been in LA I've loved going to the beach in Malibu to surf. 

How long have you been surfing?

Since I was twelve. So, two or three years. 

What's your favorite TV show to watch these days?

Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy

What's your favorite YouTube video that you've posted? 

Any of my makeup tutorial videos or travel vlogs!

Who's a celebrity you'd be really excited to meet?

I'd be so excited to meet Taylor Swift. I've been following her music for a really long time and I've always wondered what she's like in real life. 

If you could be someone else for a day who would it be and why?

Probably Kylie Jenner. Her life is so weird and unique, it would be cool to see what that's like.

Before we wrap up can you tell us one last fun fact?

I secretly love mermaids! 

Watch Lily on Chicken Girls Season 3, coming to you this September!