Chicken Girls: Top 10 Most Memorable Moments


Chicken Girls Season 3 premiers on September 4th, but if you're like us, that feels like a million years away! To help time fly, take a trip down memory lane with these top ten most memorable moments from Seasons 1 and 2!

10. Rhyme spits her drink in Tim Sharp's face

9. Ace's performs at his own Halloween party 

8. Robin Robbins makes an appearance 

7. Harmony sends Rhyme on back-to-back diner dates

6. Robbie tries to kiss Rooney and fails

5. The gang teams up to take down Robin Robbins

4. Rhyme and Birdie twinning in salt and pepper costumes 

3. Ellie and Henry almost do “the makeout”

2. Rhyme and TK: the famous back to school walk

1. TK imagines his first kiss with Rhyme

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