Ask Brat! Boss Cheer Edition

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Kadymcclain212: Were you all apart of one cheer team before the show?

The Boss Cheer cast is made up of dancers and gymnasts from different teams and different walks of life who came together for this show!

Rubylopez97: what’s your favorite thing about Boss Cheer?

We love how talented the dancers and gymnasts are, they’re the real deal!

_hannahelisabeth_: How do U gain confidence like Bri??

Take your fear of what people might think of you, put it in an imaginary box, and never look at it again. Repeat as often as necessary.

Hafsablogs: Is Tessa Brooks a real dancer?

Yes, Tessa is a real, professional dancer. She’s performed with The Pulse, and is a member of the immaBEAST dance crew!

@extra_ivana: How often do y’all forget y’all’s lines?

Everyone forgets their lines sometimes, but it’s a fun and forgiving work environment!

Savannah Wagner: How long do you have to practice cheer for each episode?

Many hours!

Sara Woodard: Are you going to make any Boss Cheer merch?

There’s something special in the works.

Serenity8046: Is it hard to be mean to each other on set?

The actors on Boss Cheer are friends in real life, so being mean to each other doesn’t come easily, but they’re professionals and know how to make it all seem realistic!

@shawnme18366397: Do you relate to your characters?

The cast of Boss Cheer are all dancers and gymnasts, so they can relate to that lifestyle, but they’re much nicer and laid back in real life!

LivNJazzy Lifestyle: When Tristan and Tessa were slow dancing, were they dancing to A Girl Named Jo theme song?

Yes! Good ear!

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