10 Things You Need To Know Before Watching Total Eclipse Season 2


Listen up everyone! Total Eclipse returns to Brat September 6th at 3PM, are you prepared? Here's everything you NEED to know from Season 1 before watching Season 2:

10. Cassie fantasizes about life on the moon. The moon is her happy place — it's where she escapes when life is too painful.

9. Cassie has a crush on Brayden, the popular jock, who doesn't return her feelings.

8. Brayden is dating Diana, the beautiful blonde queen bee. 

7. Cassie used to be best friends with Diana and her girl squad, until Diana mysteriously exiled Cassie. It turns out Diana blames Cassie for her parents' divorce. 

6. Kate, a practitioner of witchcraft, moves to town and befriends Cassie. Kate's brother, Sam, seems interested in Cassie. 

5. Jenna, once a mean girl, changes her ways. She leaves Diana's dictatorship and joins Cassie and Kate.

4. Spencer (the book worm) likes Jenna, Jenna likes Sam, Sam likes Cassie, Cassie likes Brayden, Brayden likes Kate, and Kate likes...Brayden. Diana, of course, wants Brayden all to herself. 

3. Brayden and Diana break up, and he pursues Kate. When Kate and Brayden start dating, Cassie finds out and is upset. 

2. Cassie and Jenna perform a dance at the talent show and it goes exceptionally well. This is the first time Cassie has danced in front of people.

1. Cassie holds hands with Sam...could this be the beginning of something??

Congratulations, you are now

OFFICIALLY ready for Total Eclipse Season 2!