Brighton Sharbino: Sixteen Lessons


Hey y'all, as of August 21st I'm officially sixteen! To celebrate, I want to share sixteen things I've learned over the past sixteen years. 

 1. You have to believe in yourself. People will believe in you to the degree you believe in yourself.

2. Ice cream makes everything better.

3. You want to learn something new every day.

4. Confidence is the most attractive thing you can wear.

5. You have to love and accept yourself, if you don’t then you’ll need validation from those around you and they’ll have more power over you than you wish.

6. Hard work pays off but make sure to make time for yourself.

7. Don’t let other people change who you are.

8. Don’t stress.

9. Don’t try to grow up too fast; enjoy every day at every age.

10. You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself.

11. Acne is temporary.

12. Find something new you can appreciate each morning & you’ll have a happier day.

13. Always have headphones for emergencies.

14. Start making coffee at home and save the money you would spend at Starbucks.

15. Spend time outside and watch the sky.

16. Hate has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it hasn’t solved one.

Thanks for reading, I hope y'all learned something! 

Me with Indiana at our Sweet Sixteen birthday bash

Me with Indiana at our Sweet Sixteen birthday bash