Talking Chicken Girls


Chicken Girls Season 3 is sneaking up on us! We sat down with some of the cast to get teasers on the upcoming episodes. Scroll down for your daily dose of Chicken Girls

How has your character changed this season?

Caden Conrique: My character, Tim Sharpe, is evolving into a cooler kid. Hanging with new people and having more fun. 

Dylan Conrique: Kayla is growing up this season, having High School boy drama. She's maturing. 

Aliyah Moulden: Luna is a lot nicer in season three. You learn a lot more about her family roots and she gets a new boo thaaang!

Indiana Massara: The cool girl of Attaway is still there in Season 3, but Rooney really grows up this season and, like most teenagers, there’s a time when she questions who she really is.

Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme matures and develops a stronger sense of self!

Mads Lewis: Birdie goes through a lot this season, I don't even know where to begin...I think you'll have to wait and see. 

How are you like and unlike your character? 

Caden Conrique: Unlike me, my character loves school. But we're similar because we both love figuring stuff out and investigating mysteries. 

Dylan Conrique: I'm like her in that I'm outgoing and have lots of friends and I dance. I'm not like her in that I don't like all the boy drama!

Aliyah Moulden: Luna and I are both very sassy. She’s a little MORE sassy... but still. We both can have our quirky moments, especially when it comes to boys.

Indiana Massara: Rooney loves her photography and so do I. It’s one of the things I want to professionally learn at some point. Rooney is a little more unreliable and works ‘in the moment’ whereas I’m more loyal if I have made a commitment. I’m more organised.  

Lily Chee: Unlike Britney, I’m not apart of a specific girl group like “The Bs”. I like to be friends with all different kinds of people at school! Similar to Britney, I love lattes and usually do have one in hand or stomach. I also like to dress up for school...sometimes! But our styles are definitely different!  

Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme is going through all your normal teenage girl issues, so I can relate to her through that.

Mads Lewis: We're both energetic and confident, but I'd like to think I have less of an edge than Birdie does! 

Describe Season 3 in one word:

Caden Conrique: Mind-blowing!

Dylan Conrique: Dramatic!

Aliyah Moulden: COMPLICATED.

Indiana Massara: Exciting.

Lily Chee: Scandalous.

Annie LeBlanc: Special! 

Mads Lewis: Unexpected.