Emily Skinner: Talking Total Eclipse

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School is back in session for the Total Eclipse gang, and the drama is already heating up! We sat down with Emily Skinner and learned what it's like to play mean girl/aspiring princess Diana. Scroll to find out! 

How does your character change this season from last or develop throughout the season?

My character does not have a redemption arc this season. She is clearly emotionally damaged and narcissistic. She has a very hard time connecting with people. She is still struggling with her need to control everyone in her world. One of the ways that she copes with this obsessive need is to transport herself into her fantasy world where she rules over all!

How are you similar or different to your character? 

I am VERY different than my character (thank goodness) but I do think it is important to find common ground with the characters I play in order to portray their feelings and emotions accurately. So I try to tap into times in my life where I have felt very insecure and nervous... like when I was the new girl at a dance studio or at school. But in reality, I do not feel the need to control anyone in my life. I am blessed with a great family and many friends that I can be entirely myself with and feel very thankful for all of that. I do not feel the need to create a perfect fantasy world because I am comfortable living in this one, but part of that is because I do not put pressure on myself to be anything other than me... and I hang out with friends who feel the same way.

Describe season two in one word:


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