10 Things you Need to Know Before DIRT Returns


Dirt comes back any day now (well, September 7th, specifically), and we want you to be R-E-A-D-Y for it. So, here is everything you NEED to know before watching the brand new episodes: 

10. Motocrosser Luke moves back to Millwood with his little sister Chloe to live with their older brothers Chris and Daniel. 

9. Daniel is a former motocross star who is currently battling a pill addiction. 

8. Luke starts racing at the local track. Rick is the owner of the track, and Luke joins his team.

7. Luke butts heads with his teammate Johnny as he becomes closer with Johnny's girlfriend Autumn.

6. Autumn, as it turns out, is track owner Rick's daughter.

5. Sabrina is Daniel's ex-girlfriend. She loves to dance. Sabrina is frustrated by her ex-boyfriend Daniel, and Luke is frustrated by his feelings for Autumn. The two bond over their mutual feelings of frustration. 

4. Luke and Johnny go head-to-head in the state qualifier. Luke's bike breaks down mid-race, so Johnny wins.

3. Autumn proves that Johnny tampered with Luke's bike, which leads to an inevitable rematch. 

2. They race again, and this time Luke wins!

1. Luke and Sabrina kiss--they're now a thing.

Now THAT's what you call drama. Congratulations, you're now OFFICIALLY ready for the new episodes of Dirt, coming to you September 7th and 3PM!