Hey Harmony: My Parents Don't Trust Me


Hey Harmony,

Last month I went to my friend Katy's house to work on a science project, and when we were finished, we decided to go to the mall. The problem is, I'm not allowed to go the mall alone without asking my parents first. And, because apparently I have horrible luck, my mom's friend saw me there and told her. Ever since I broke their rule, my parents assume I'm breaking all their rules. They've started treating me like I'm a bad kid. How can I get them to understand that it was just one mistake and start treating me normally again?



Omg, the exact same thing happened to me once. Well, fine, maybe not the EXACT same thing, but close enough. Let's just say I disobeyed my parents and they found out about it (it may have had something to do with smuggling more than my fair share of Halloween candy under my bed, but I can't confirm or deny these allegations). From then on, they started treating me like a criminal! It took an annoyingly long amount of time to regain their trust, but even though it took a while, it wasn't complicated. All I had to do was be very respectful of their rules and go a little out of my way to show that I had no intention of becoming a juvenile outlaw. If you want speedier results, I would try having an honest conversation with them so they know you plan to earn their trust back. I do hope that helps!