Total Eclipse: Season 2 Predictions

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Total Eclipse Season 2 prepares for takeoff on September 6th. To get you ready for the big day, we asked the cast of Chicken Girls for their Total Eclipse predictions. Here's what the gang had to say!

What do you think will happen in Total Eclipse Season 2?

Aliyah Moulden: Lots and LOTS of drama teehee...

Lily Chee: I predict more girl drama in total eclipse season two! I think tension will grow between Dianna and Morgan and Diana will end up with no friends at first, then will be forgiven. I am excited to see the new characters and how they fit into the plot.

Caden Conrique: I think Cassie is going to have a hard time choosing between two guys and have to choose a side.

Dylan Conrique: Cassie will have conflict between two boys she likes and has to choose one. Friendships are breaking and there is drama.

Indiana Massara: OMG that’s hard! I love the show and I’ve been trying to steal the script but from the Brat offices to see what happens! I think Kate will put her feelings for Brayden aside in order to win Cassie’s trust again. Eventually Cassie will realise that Brayden and Kate are miserable without each other and she will give her blessing for them to be together. I think you’ll see a softer side to Diana come out and there will be a secret in her past that reveals why she is being so mean.

Are these predictions spot on or way off? Find out on September 6th when Season 2 premiers!