Indiana Massara: Sixteen Lessons


Guess what? I'm officially sixteen! To celebrate, I wanted to share something special with you. Here are sixteen lessons I've learned, one for every year I've been alive:

1.  Working hard will always land me in a good place, even if I don’t quite reach my goal.  

2.  Trying to convince my teacher that I left my homework at home will not work and I’ll still get detention.

3.  Underneath the bed is a great hiding place when Mom says I can’t go out until my room is clean.  

4.  Green eyeshadow does not look good on me. Ever. Like never ever.

5.  That changing for someone will cause complete unhappiness, so just be you.

6.  That a clean room doesn’t satisfy me, so what’s the point in cleaning it lol (side note from Mum who is reading this: you’re missing the point love!).  

7.  The basics ya know... walking, eating.  :Joy:

8.  Hoodies are always the best option.

9.  Listening to your parents will get you to the moon and back if you want it to haha.  

10.  The dream is only 10% of it, you have to be willing to fail and try and try again.  Resilience beats everything.  

11.  Equality is one of the most important things in my life.

12.  If your Mum says your outfit doesn’t look good, listen.  She’s most likely right.  You’ll save yourself the haunting pictures. :see_no_evil:

13.  Standing up for yourself and not letting others push you around is hard, but always the best decision.

14.  That telling my dad you’re dating someone, no matter how far away he is,  will always be the scariest thing I’ll ever do.  

15.  Watching a family member fight cancer is one of the hardest things you can ever go through, but also one of the most incredible life lessons to help put things into perspective about what’s really important.  

16.  Sometimes you can’t see a situation because you’re too close to it, but your friends can.  Mads, Annie, Brighton, Lauren thank you for always keeping it real with me.

Can't wait to see what I'll learn this year!