Sabrina: What's In Your Backpack?


Sabrina is one of the most talented and independent girls in Millwood. Let’s see what she’s bringing to school to start her year!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.10.20 PM (2).png

Velvet Hair Ties

Sabrina couldn’t shine at dance tryouts without her trusty hair ties.


Dance Shoes

After a long day in sneakers, slipping into her dance shoes is her favorite feeling.


Black Baseball Cap

Required for work at Juniors, she stuffs the baseball cap in her backpack so she doesn’t forget.


Matte Lipstick

When working at the café, a glamorous shade of matte lipstick keeps her spirits up.


Ballerina Notebook

Paying attention in class is easier when Sabrina is reminded of her number one passion.


No Fear Shakespeare

Between dancing and working at Juniors, she uses this helpful aid to stay up to date on classwork.

What’s in your backpack?