Kenzie Ziegler: Cassie's Lunar Playlist


On Total Eclipse, Cassie’s safe space is the moon, where she sneaks off in her imagination to get away from it all. If you need to escape, look no further than Cassie’s Lunar Playlist: 10 songs that’ll take you to the moon!

This song silences the haters and lets Cassie do what she loves most: dance.

When Cassie pictures herself on the moon, Planet Earth doesn’t feel so scary. Everything looks perfect from far away.

Waking up in the morning is hard, especially when you dread going to school. This song gives Cassie the fuel she needs to rocket her way through the day.

Walking down the Millwood High hallways is anything but dull when Sweet Disposition is pumping through Cassie’s headphones.

Major intergalactic vibes on this track. A direct line to outer space.

In Cassie’s world, everyone is an alien. This catchy Sabrina Carpenter song helps her navigate the total weirdness.

This ambient bop is the perfect soundtrack to any daydream.

Cassie finds herself racing through the stars every time this song comes on. She plays it over and over again until the bad mood vanishes.

Like any good love interest, Sam has is own anthem in Cassie’s mind.

Living in your own fantasyland all day can be tiring. When Cassie’s ready to let her imagination rest, this song is her go-to end-of-the-day wind-down.

Bon voyage, traveler! Enjoy your journey among the stars!