10 Things you Need to Know Before Watching Chicken Girls Season 3

Chicken Girls returns to Brat TODAY at 3PM. Can you believe it?!? But before you watch Season 3, here are ten things you NEED to know from Season 2: 

10. Ellie goes to Malibu to meet with Robin Robbins, a successful music producer who grew up in Attaway.

9. Robin Robbins turns out to be a jerk with a shady past.

8. When Monica's grandmother dies, the girls try to save the arcade. 

7. Rhyme and Rooney both fall for Robby Robbins, who turns out to be the son of Robin Robbins.

6. The girls choose to put their friendship above a guy. Friendship comes first! 

5. The state dance competition takes place.

4. Powersurge wins the competition! 

3. Tim Sharpe gets to the bottom of the Robin Robbins scandal--she's been stealing songs to build her career. A win for The Attaway Appeal! 

2. Harmony gets discovered as an actress and is flown to Los Angeles to film a TV show.

1. Rhyme and TK almost kiss during seven minutes of heaven, but decide to wait until the moment is right.

Congratulations, you are now OFFICIALLY ready to watch Chicken Girls Season 3! Get ready for next-level drama!