Rhyme's ‘New Me’ Playlist


On Chicken Girls, Rhyme is stepping out of her comfort zone and dancing to her own beat. Are you ready to find your inner confidence and walk your own path? Look no further than Rhyme's New Me Playlist!

This year, Rhyme is taking risks and following her dreams. Be inspired to do the same when you belt out the lyrics to this song.

Perfect for a walk with headphones in. Even on a rainy day, be reminded of your inner positivity.

Team tryouts? New friends? Drama rehearsal? When you find a hobby or passion like Rhyme does, the best days are ahead of you.

Be reminded of the incredible person you are - inside and out - with this pick-me-up song.

Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top... When Rhyme is feeling down, these lyrics always make her feel like anything is possible.

Scream it loud with your friends, in the car, or in front of the mirror, because you ARE a firework.

Press play for an instant mood lift. Maybe take a crazy chance (or do a crazy dance) while you're at it.

Who says you're not worth it?! When times get tough, let Selena remind you of the perfect you within.

Being brave can be scary, and this song gives Rhyme the push she needs when she's feeling terrified.

High school is changing everything for Rhyme, and you may feel the same way.

Who cares what the haters say?! Taylor doesn't, and neither should you! Just shake it off and dance to your own beat.

Nothing's better than some Hannah Montana to inspire you to be your best self and make life rock.

Once you step out into the world as a new you, who knows what you can accomplish? Rhyme loves to belt out these lyrics and remind herself of the bright and exciting future ahead.

You've taken a risk or put yourself out there, just like Rhyme. Now, it's time to feel on top of the world and celebrate!

It’s a new school year, let this be the one where you become your own best friend!